How to Install a Fence

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Building a fence is a necessity to remain in good accord with your neighbors if anything else. Sometimes, homeowners build a fence not because they want to define the bounds of their property but because they don’t want to go into any rift or dispute with their neighbors.  

While it’s also true that fences can cause trouble, it may also solve most of the issues of erring neighbors. It’s just a matter of erecting it right on the lines of your property. To ensure that you’re not causing any problem when building fences, you have to think about the proper fencing etiquette before doing anything.  

The Unwritten Fencing Rules  

There are things that you can’t do when installing a fence around your property. You need to abide by these rules to make sure that you’re doing the right thing as far as the law and society are concerned. The things that you should take note of are: 

1. Permits and zoning  

Some places require a permit before you can install a fence. If your county or municipality requires one, get all the documents needed to get it. You should also know if there are height limits and easement requirements. 

2. Homeowner’s association approval  

It’s not enough that you have the necessary government permits to install a fence. You should also get the permission of the homeowner’s association that you belong to. Don’t skip getting their approval or trouble may ensue.  

3. Property lines 

It’s important that you know exactly where the lines of your property are before doing anything. You have to be very precise when building fences. You have to right on the spot, and not a few inches off. That’s a costly mistake that you don’t want to make.   

Consider Your Neighbors  

Knowing about the legalities of fencing is not enough. You should also consider your neighbors when installing a fence. This is what the fencing etiquette is all about. You have to make sure that you live in peace with your neighbors at all times. It’s true that you don’t need to get your neighbor’s permission but it won’t hurt if you communicate with them your intentions of installing a fence.  

Your neighbors don’t want any surprise so don’t do that to them. Talking to them before installing the fence allows you to address any concern that may arise due to your fencing project. Try to find a common ground where the two of you will agree on.  

Fence Maintenance Work 

You should also know that the fence’s maintenance is your responsibility even if your neighbor benefits from it, too. Maintain the fence and make sure that it’s in the best shape. Repair it as necessary and make sure that it never becomes an eyesore.  

If you need help in maintaining fences, don’t hesitate to hire the experts in making fences Grand Prairie TX has ever produced. They will be able to help you in installing the fence that’s right for your home and neighborhood, and it’s all that matters.  

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