How To Plant Your Bare Root Daylily
From Willow Brook Acres

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When you receive your bare root daylily shipment, they may appear to be slightly dry. The tops of the daylilies have been trimmed to allow the plant energy to flow to the root system. Some foliage may be slightly yellowed. This is normal and will not hurt the daylily. Plant your new daylilies as soon possible. Store them in a cool place until you can plant them, but plant within a few days. Before planting, soak the root portion for an hour or two in water.

Prepare to plant your daylily by digging a hole that will accommodate a mound of soil with the roots spread over the mound. Back fill the hole with the loose soil to no more than 1 inch above the crown. The crown is where the fan, (the green leaves) meets the top of the roots. Firm the soil around the roots, but do not tamp down tight. Water thoroughly immediately after planting, and when necessary during dry spells. Water daily the first week or two if it does not rain.

Last Updated February 8, 2007
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